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WXRChat showcases XR industry experts

WXRChat is a series of mini-videos highlighting ethical debates, technical challenges, and virtual experiences which are a reality today for all experts in the XR industry. They are remastered versions of the live streams from the World XR Instagram account.
Volume 1

Meet Carole Brandon, Pierre Friquet and Max Rheiner

In this first volume of WXRChat, shot live in Crans-Montana in February 2021, join experts in virtual reality to explore how technology impacts who we are and who we will become, but also how it can enhance our knowledge of the world and provide us with experiences humanity has dreamed of for centuries.

The Space Between [Body and Machine] with Carole Brandon

Meet Carole Brandon in this interview at the Fondation Opale in Crans-Montana as she presents her thesis  – The Space Between [Body and Machine].

We’ve included her short discussion with Touradj Ebrahimi, Professor at EPFL and Head of EPFL’s Multimedia Signal Processing Group and Convenor of JPEG Standardization Committee.

Spaced Out with Pierre Friquet

In this interview led by Valérie Felix discover Spaced Out, an immersive underwater VR experience directed by Pierre Friquet, also known as Pyaré, artist, film director, and first artist-in-residence in Crans-Montana.

We’ve included behind-the-scene shots of this virtual reality experience filmed in the Chetzeron swimming pool during the interview.

Birdly with Max Rheiner

Ever dreamed you could fly like a bird? Well, it’s possible today with the virtual flight simulator called Birdly. In this interview led by Adeleh Mojtahed, discover how its inventor, Max Rheiner came to create this exceptional technology and experience.


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WXRChat Volume 1 was made possible with their support and encouragement.