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Mindfulness sessions

Digital Intuition for Mindfulness

Psychophysiological coherenceis the state of optimal function, characterized by increased order and harmony in both our psychological (mental and emotional) and physiological (bodily) processes. When we speak of heart-rhythm coherence or physiological coherence, we are referring to a specific assessment of the heart’s rhythms that appears as smooth, ordered and sine-wavelike patterns. From a physics perspective, when we are in a coherent state, virtually no energy is wasted because our systems are performing optimally and there is synchronisation between heart rhythms, the respiratory system, blood-pressure rhythms, etc. When in coherence we are in a state of physiological resilience and behavioral flexibility, that reflects our ability to adapt effectively to stress and environmental demands.

On one side there are the attendees. 10 participants will be selected to represent the audience through their biofeedback.

On the other side there are the speakers. 10 speakers will be tracing their levels of coherence before and on stage.

The biofeedback tracking is done with a chest belt from Autonom Health wore by all 20 participants, that measures heart rate, HRV (heart rate variability) and breathing, giving us real time data for their state. At the same time the team is observing the changes in coherence of the two biological rhythms (heart and breath) during the event and the response of the audience to the speakers, comparing their levels of coherence. The data is received and analyzed to draw insights for the effect of the speaker’s engagement to the audience, the impact of other activities to the subjective states of the attendees and understand in depth what works best while organizing an event.

After the completion of the experiment all participants will have the chance for an in depth explanation about their personal state throughout the day and insights that can help them enhance their well-being.



Mindfulness Sessions

Friday 06


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Data Treatment

Crans-Montana Sept 5-9 2019.
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