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Summoned to rank in categories, we propose to consider and live, through a digital device in virtual reality, the body as a transition, which over the subjects and surfaces it crosses plays from its confusion to invent forms of what Paul B. Preciado calls «free social subjections

RADICANT* is a queer virtual reality prototype made with Unity and run by HTC VIVE. The main idea is to encounter and to experience what people bring back from queer experiences and more specifically here what they bring back from a colorful and glittery queer night. Players are evolving in, what we have named counter-spaces, filmed in a queer and burlesque show in Bruxelles (Belgium) with 360° cameras. Those filmed spaces are spaces where gender binarity and normative identities are revoked. Videos comes from my master research thesis wrote about the transgender practices of a drag artist at night in a queer and burlesque show.

In this 3D geometric VR world the fluidity of the players’ courses make them enter the fluidity of the space where a kind of ship-capsule take place and evolve following players’ courses

Crans-Montana May 19-23 2020.
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