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Anshar Online

A virtual reality space shooter game that brings together all Oculus community players in intense and merciless online battles. In Anshar Online, you will attempt to solve the investigation into the death of your partner – and best friend – Rush Steel, killed at the beginning of the game in an ambush of which you are the sole survivor. You will try to uncover who ordered the ambush with the help of your ally Lady Elitas, who will guide you towards your goal.


A real space Odyssey

Discover a large variety of gameplays, with more than 50 missions to complete like:

  • contracts
  • assaults
  • PvP battlesand an all new and super fun game mode:
  • space racing


100% Preformated

Anshar Online offers many options for multiplayer gaming, since all gameplay is suitable for a single player or for a group. All game modes are available in single player or as a party:

  • up to 8 players in PvP deathmatch mode
  • up to 5 players in co-op
  • integrated VoIP will allow you to easily communicate your strategies

Even more player progression

The game features a leveling and loot system to allow players to finely upgrade the three available ship classes:

Fighter / Tank / Engineer


Presented by

Stéphane Intissar

Born in France, he owns a Master of Science from Georgia Institute of Technology and a Master of Science from the Ecole des Mines in France. He worked for several companies in the various field ranging from telecommunications, banking, and gaming. In 2013, Stéphane created the first version of Anshar Wars, an immersive version of the game Escape Velocity. Under his leadership, OZWE Games had fully embraced the development of virtual reality games. Since then, he has worked on 4 VR titles, including the popular series cross-play and cross-platform Anshar, offered in six languages. And he is currently working on a new title that will be coming very soon. And he was nominated “Innovator of The Month” for March 2017 by Innovation Forum Lausanne.
Crans-Montana May 19-23 2020.
The breeding ground for innovation