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>2nd Step

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2nd Step

“2nd Step" is a soaring VR expedition through space – accentuated with the beautiful music of Debussy and Ravel – in which the viewer gets an intense feeling of being in the middle of undiscovered worlds while visiting some of the most thrilling settings of current and future space missions, presented in an unprecedented richness of detail! The film has been produced with expert advice of the European Space Agency, thus a huge amount of original data could be integrated as basis for the perfect photorealistic 3D reconstructions of the visited places. A highly intense and thrilling VR experience!

About Faber Courtial

Faber Courtial is one of Germany’s leading VR & VFX studios and provider of premium VR film content. Their top-level animations have been inspiring viewers since 1998, both in museums and TV documentaries. With their award-winning VR films “Volcanos VR” and “Gladiators in the Colosseum VR” – produced on behalf of Europe’s renowned public-law broadcaster ZDF – the company established itself as VR pioneer on the international market. The company’s outstanding VR film portfolio – lately complemented by the intriguing VR space journey“2nd Step” – has screened on numerous festivals worldwide. Besides, in 2018, Faber Courtial started to produce its very own independent VR film content with the first completely in-house produced VR series “Follow Me”, taking viewers to fascinating events and places throughout mankind’s history. The first two seasons of the series, dealing with Ancient Rome and the Apollo missions, are currently screening on the VR platform of Germany’s biggest telecommunication company Telekom.

About the Director: Joerg Courtial

Jörg Courtial is co-founder and creative director at Faber Courtial. In this function, he directs all of the company’s successful VR films.
He has been a creative mind ever since: before he decided to study Industrial Design, he had already collected vast experience in the creative sector, organizing his own photo exhibitions, working in layout design and producing documentary films.
After graduating with an award-winning diploma, he started to work in the field of 3D and founded Faber Courtial in 1998 together with wife Maria. They soon became very successful because Joerg gave a specific touch of emotional and visual quality to his animations which was quite unique at that time. Since then, he has been working on countless VFX & animations for top-level TV documentaries and exhibitions. As Art Director, he oversees the work of a growing team of talented 3D artists, edits the final scenes and ads his individual artistic “handwriting” to each single project.
In 2014/2015 he finally began his exciting journey into VR when the company was assigned to produce the VR documentary “Volcanos” – the first fully immersive VR film for German TV on behalf of broadcaster ZDF, one of Europe’s most renowned TV stations.
That was the starting point for a successful career in VR and inspiring as well as award-winning VR productions followed: “Gladiators in the Colosseum”, “Time Travel Cologne Cathedral” and “2nd Step” – all top-level VR films of outstanding quality which have screened on numerous film festivals worldwide.
Joerg’s great experience and deep knowledge in VR filmmaking, his ability to use the opportunities within VR space in a virtuoso manner, combined with his exceptional visual style and passion to create emotional, cineastic VR experiences are the creative motor that continuously pushes the company’s growing success as premium provider of outstanding VR content.
With the VR series “Follow Me” – a VR time-ride to some of mankind’s most fascinating places and events – Jörg and Maria finally realized another long-desired dream in 2018 by starting to produce and distribute their very own, independent VR film content.

About the Producer – Maria Courtial / Faber Courtial

Maria Courtial is co-founder, producer and managing director of one of Germany’s leading VR and VFX studios, Faber Courtial.
After her graduation in Industrial Design, she founded Faber Courtial in 1998 together with husband Joerg where she particularly took care of the conception of the film projects (besides the overall business management) and where she acted as consultant to the clients in all creative matters.
Since 2014, after the company entered the world of VR, Maria has been producing all of Faber Courtial´s award-winning VR films. In this function she coordinates and influences the whole development process, dealing with the artistic, technical and administrative challenges during the entire production process.
In doing so, the creation of VR films became more and more a real matter of heart to her. Right from the beginning of each project she is working closely together with husband and director Joerg,
“shaping” new groundbreaking VR experiences. Both are fascinated of VR’s infinite possibilities and their VR films are quite often the result of passionate debates.
This “obsession” and aspiration to produce “the best that’s possible” has been part of their business philosophy ever since: when starting “Faber Courtial” over 20 years ago, the objective of the two founders was to bring more emotion and fascination to the hitherto down-to-earth world of 3D animation. Soon they were assigned with the production of high-profile VFX projects for TV documentaries and exhibitions. And this paved the way to their actual passion: the production of outstanding VR worlds. Hence, since 2014, Maria, Jörg and their talented team have devoted themselves to this challenge by creating top-level VR film content – striving to set the highest possible standards in VR storytelling, VR production and the implementation of the latest, innovative VR techniques.



Director : Joerg Courtial
Producer : Maria Courtial
Speaker : Jeju Caron
Sound Design : Stefan Lupp
Specialist advice : Markus Landgraf / ESA
3D Artists : Sebastian Barz / Philipp Clermont / Nils Rosenow / Michael Schlesinger
VR Development/Camera : Wolf Knittig
Technical Support : Manfred Gördes 

Actors : Tobias Blank / Daniel Frommhold / Elena Halangk / Nadine Riedel
Production : Kerstin Schönborn / Gruppe 5
Script : Luise Wagner
Project Management : Kirsten Bode



Crans-Montana May 19-23 2020.
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