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Digital Intuition for Mindfulness On one side there are the attendees. 10 participants will be selected to represent the audience through their biofeedback. On the other side there are the speakers. 10 speakers will be tracing their levels of coherence before and on stage. The biofeedback tracking is done with a chest belt from Autonom Health worn by all 20 participants, that measures heart rate variability (HRV) and breathing, giving us real time data for their state.

2017 was a banner year for VR/AR investment globally topping US$3 Billion. After a “shake-out” in 2018, the industry is maturing and become more institutionalized  raising the level and quality of content, technology that is more accessible to consumers and businesses, and the potential return on prior investment. Asia and more specifically China, the experiential economy presents a growing and desirable market.  The East-West 360 Lens conference will focus on the trends and forecasts building the “virtual” bridge between East and West. A

Crans-Montana Sept 5-9 2019.
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